Specialising in high performance engines, chassis and fabrication work

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With our extensive knowledge and experience in the high-performance industry we will expertly guide you through the planning stages of your project taking into consideration your requirements and budget, and then put together a customised package to suit. If you’re the type of person who likes to get hands-on then we can supply you with all the right gear at a great price for you to put together yourself. Whether it be a street, race, or show car, blown, turbo, nitrous, or naturally aspirated, 4, 6, or 8 cylinder. We cater to everyone’s needs and desires!

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Whether it’s a new set of forged-billet Schott Wheels, a set of custom-made fibreglass flares and matching scoop for your HiLux, or a complete hand-crafted masterpiece designed and fabricated from the chassis up, we can customise your ride, so it stands out from the crowd. Talk to us about your vision for your car and we will help you achieve it.

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When it comes to fabrication, we offer it all. Whether it be a street car, show car or drag car, we can take care of all your fabrication needs such as custom diffs, mini tubs, roll cages, sheet metal work, custom extractors & exhaust systems, engine plates, ¾ & full chassis race cars, etc. We will discuss your options offering our expert advice, and provide you with high quality, innovative fabrication solutions to match your requirements.

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We can do as much or as little as you require on your dream car. We can coordinate and manage the whole process from start to finish including engine, transmission, diff, brakes, suspension, fabrication, electrical, wheels, paint, interior, etc. All of which is done in-house except for paint, and we have the right connections to get that job done right first time too.

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Great bunch of extremely talented but very humble guys.

- Tristan Ockers

Best in the business. Their quality is second to none.

- Paul Todarello

The best in the business. Honest and reliable. Easy to deal with.

- Milan Ozegovic
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Specialising in High Performance Engines, Chassis and Fabrication Work.



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