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– Eliminator Racing Aluminium Cylinder Heads (Angled Plug) Competition Package 70cc Combustion Chamber.
– Suit Small Block Chevy

AFR is proud to introduce our new 245 npp (no pushrod pinch); best suited for max effort applications, but larger displacement 427+ pump gas engines could consider this head as well. This exciting product represents our best flowing 23° sbc head to date and while flow numbers may reflect a very good 18° head of the past, this head is still a conventional direct bolt on non-raised runner intake port configuration. It will drop on your 23° short block as easily as our 227 or 235 sbc product and in fact shares identical valve centerlines and rocker stud locations to both of those heads. However, unlike the 227 and 235 heads, this product will not accept stud mount style rockers and a shaft mount rocker system with a .180 offset intake lifter is required.

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Larger diameter 3/8″ pushrods fit without additional clearance. This is primarily due to the fact we enlarged and widened the pushrod pinch removing that checkpoint in the entrance of the intake allowing us to design a port with a more direct shot at the back of the valve that also has a more consistent cross-sectional area and velocity profile. In addition, this head comes standard with a 3/4-inch deck, 2.125 intake and 1.600 exhaust. The exhaust port and bolt pattern are raised .250 over gm l98 head (see footnotes here), this rarely affects header or chassis fitment. If you are unsure if this is the right afr head for you, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your combination.

Basic package components:

100% cnc ported combustion chambers
100% cnc ported exhaust ports
100% cnc ported intake ports
3-angle radiused valve job
Bead lock intake valve, 2.125″ x 5.006″ overall valve length
Bead lock exhaust valve, 1.600″ x 5.024″ overall valve length
Pac racing springs 1.550″ od solid ler dual valve spring pac #1225, 250 lbs on seat, .800″ maximum lift, max rpm 8300-8500
8511manley 10° 4140 chrome moly retainers
10° bead lock valve keepers
Viton valve seals
Guide plates
Viton valve seals
Hardened spring seat
Intake valve seats
Exhaust valve seats
Bronze valve guides

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