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– Eliminator Racing Aluminium Cylinder Heads (Angled Plug) Competition Package 70CC Combustion Chamber.
– Suit S/b Chev

With the price of big displacement sbc engines fraction of what they were years ago, the allure to go big is stronger than ever. To help quench the thirst of that large displacement monster afr is proud to offer the largest direct bolt on 23° chevy head yet. At 235 cc’s, anything under 400 inches can look the other way. It has the same geometry as the 227 head and will accept all the same rocker arms, stud girdles, etc. Afr offset stud girdles are the only special parts required. Some applications require shaft mount rockers or .050 offset intake rocker arm for durability and reliability of valve train components. Standard rocker arms can be used but the intake rocker arm will be at a slight angle and the roller tip will not be perfectly centred on the valve.

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It will feature a larger 2.125 diameter intake valve. Exhaust valve diameter stays the same with a little more flow from its larger runner volume. The big news is our all new intake port design which pushes this standard location intake port over 335 cfm’s! That’s 18° territory and this head should be able to generate power figures that rival those heads (725+ hp).

Basic package components:

100% cnc ported combustion chambers
100% cnc ported exhaust ports
100% cnc ported intake ports
3-angle radiused valve job
Bead lock intake valve, 2.125″ x .100″ long
Bead lock exhaust valve, 1.600″ x .100″ long
1.550″ od roller dual valve spring, 225 lbs on seat, .710″ maximum lift
10° 4140 chrome moly retainers
10° bead lock valve keepers
7/16″ rocker studs
Guide plates
Viton valve seals
Hardened spring cup
Intake valve seats
Exhaust valve seats
Bronze valve guides

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